Did you ever want to “spice” up your images and make them more interactive? Maybe highlight some sections of the image and provide more information about it? Than don’t look any further. Visual Composer Extensions provides you with the “TS Image Hotspots” element, which does just that.


  • Real-time preview for hotspot location
  • Drag-and-drop positioning of hotspot
  • Define all hotspot colors
  • Just use a tooltip or assign one of 7 other hotspot events (see below)
  • Tooltip allows for four positions (top / bottom / left/ right)
  • Tooltip comes in 10 different color patterns
  • Option to make image full width
  • Image and hotspots are fully responsive

Hotspot Events

  • Open link to another page
  • Open link in iFrame lightbox
  • Open another image in lightbox
  • Open YouTube video in lightbox
  • Open DailyMotion video in lightbox
  • Open Vimeo video in lightbox
  • Open custom text (with HTML) in modal popup (lightbox)

Check the hotspots on the image to the left to see all the different hotspot events in action.