The “TS Audio HTML5” element allows you to easily insert a self-hosted HTML5 audio file into your site. The element (player) comes with multiple skins and provides you with a lot of unique features that allow you to get the most out of your audios.


  • Audio is embedded via iFrame to avoid JS/CSS conflicts with other players or plugins
  • Handles MP4 and OGG audio files for a variety of browsers
  • 3 different player skins to select from
  • Flash fallback for older browsers (it requires at least an MP4 version of the video)
  • Mobile browsers will either revert to their native players or if skinning is possible, only provide their native controls
  • Use audios uploaded to WordPress or from remote servers
  • Autoplay feature to automatically start audio upon page load (desktop only)
  • Autostop feature of currently playing audio when another audio is started
  • Add logo overlay to your video (desktop only) or to control bar (standard for mobile) with optional link
  • Audio player is fully responsive
  • Optional social share buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon)
  • Show video player with optional poster or only player bar with optional tooltip button to show track information
  • Show audio player fixed on screen (top left / top right / bottom left / bottom right) with optional offsets to account for fixed menu bars

Skin 1

Skin 2

Skin 3

Audio tracks are provided via creative commons license from