“Composium – Visual Composer Extensions” makes it very easy to show a YouTube video on your site. You can show the video in a lightbox or embed it directly. You can trigger the lightbox from a variety of elements and if selected, the plugin will even attempt to retrieve the cover iamge for your video from YouTube directly.

Single YouTube Videos

YouTube Thumbnail

Default Thumbnail

Font Icon


Custom Markup


This is a Youtube Video
Click to view the video
View Video
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View Video


YouTube Direct Embed with Cover + Modest Branding

The following videos are directly embedded into the site via iFrame, but have an image overlay placed on top of it. The overlay will automatically be removed when clicking on or hovering over it. Optionally, a short text string can be added as well. Can be used for single video and playlist iFrame embeds alike.

Click Trigger

Hamburg in Motion

Hover Trigger

Hamburg in Motion

YouTube Playlists

Predefined Playlist via ID

The following playlist has been created on YouTube and is embedded simply by using the playlist ID as assigned by YouTube.

Dynamic Playlist via Search Term(s)

The following playlist is generated automatically by YouTube, using the search terms “Timelapse, Berlin”. Search playlists are limited by YouTube to 20 videos.

Manual Playlist via Video ID’s

The following playlist is generated automatically through YouTube, by manually providing the ID’s of up to 20 YouTube Videos, separated by comma.

Playlist via User Uploads

The following playlist is generated automatically through YouTube, by using the last 100 videos uploaded by a specific user, identified by user ID.