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“Composium – Visual Composer Extensions” is the ultimate and only extension set you ever need for your Visual Composer. With over 80+ different new elements, an included lightbox and modal popup solution, custom post types with sliders, 16 included icon fonts with 4,600+ different icons, the option to upload your own icon font, a Google Font Manager with more than 700 fonts, the option to use any Visual Composer element in a sidebar via our sidebar content builder post type, and 70+ CSS3 animations available for most included elements, it should easily provide you with all the things you were always missing with the original Visual Composer.

Visual Composer Extensions Addon
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Another wonderful companion for VC. Some modules are really impressive for visitors, like the lightbox gallery, and all this seems to improve on each update, very good purchase, worth the price.


It´s a little bit pity that it is not possible to give hundred stars, cause here you get an awesome tool, great designed, well coded with first class support !!! Thumbs up !!!


Awesome! Seamless, no bugs so far, plenty of options. Keep it up. We ll be back for much more licences.


Quality. Features. Seamless Integration. It just works. If you have the Visual Composer plugin, or your theme came with Visual Composer, this is a MUST HAVE. (btw I'm just a customer, i have no affiliation with the developer)


This Plugin is just AWESOME! the perfect plugin for using visual composer. the support is great! very fast, clear just perfect! thank u for this job! all the best from germany!


Plugin formidable and perfect service Thanks!


I only bought this for one feature I found lacking in the core Visual Composer. It seems kind of dumb but for the price I figured I can't go wrong. Of course, I'm already finding the other features useful...a lot more than I bargained for. Had a small glitch post installation but support responded in a blink of an eye. Turned out the issue was on my end...all is well. This is a must have for anyone using Visual Composer.

Different Elements
Custom Post Types
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Main Features

Responsive Design

We work very hard to make all our elements responsive, making them adjust to a variety of devices, from mobile phones and tables to normal desktop PC’s.

Unique Elements

With already over 80+ new premium elements included, we always strive to add more elements at no additional costs and make the existing ones even better with each update.

Icon Font Manager

The plugin ships with 16 different icon fonts included, giving you access to over 4,600 different icons. But that’s not all, you can even upload your own icon font!

Google Font Manager

With the included Google Fonts Manager, the plugin will give you access to over 700 different Google fonts, along with a listing of websafe fonts to select from!

Widget Content Builder

Using the custom post type “VC Widgets”, you can show any Visual Composer element (or normal HTML content) in your sidebar by using our designated widget.

Lightbox Solution

With an heavy focus on media elements, the add-on naturally includes its own custom lightbox solution, flexible enough for images, videos, HTML and any other content.

Modular System

With so many features included, not everybody is using them all. So you can completely deactivate elements, post types and other features, if you don’t need them.

WooCommerce Integration

If you use the WooCommerce plugin, you will get even more new elements since VC Extensions includes many dedicated elements just for WooCommerce.

Best Value

Of all available add-ons out there, Visual Composer Extensions gives you the biggest bang for your money. No other add-on provides as many first-class features as this!

Free Support

With our dedicated help & support forum and its ticket system, we are always there to help you fix any problems you might have. Making our buyers happy is main priority!

Clean & Efficient Code

With all the features, elements and options included, we pay extra attention not to bloat the plugin and make all code as efficient, clean and minified as possible.

Automatic Updates

The plugin, once you enter and confirm your license code, will receive automatic updates from our servers, making sure you always use the most current version.

Unlimited Design Options


With so many different elements, each element having a multitude of different settings and options, the sky is the limit as to what you can do with Visual Composer Extensions. And of course, we will continue to add even more awesome elements to this plugin.

If you don’t know where to start but like the examples throughout this demo site, you can download the exported pagers of this demo site in the “Downloads” section below and import the file into your WordPress site. Of course, in order for the imported pages to work, you must have Visual Composer and Visual Composer Extensions installed and activated.


Dedicated Support & Updates


We realize that sometimes, you might have some problems with “Composium – Visual Composer Extensions” or just need to know how to best use one of the many elements and features. Fear not, we provide a dedicated “Help & Support Desk” and “Knowledge Base” for all our products, which of course includes Visual Composer Extensions.

Just open an account, enter your license key (one-time only), and you’re ready to go to shoot questions. We will do our best to respond as fast as possible. And with the built-in auto-update feature, you can easily update the plugin to new releases. Support and updates are provided according to Envato market regulations.


Downloads + Freebies

Freebies Information

Click on the image to learn more about our Freebies for licensed buyers.

I get more than just the plugin? Really?

You read correctly – For our licensed buyers, we provide additional downloads (freebies) in a dedicated section in our support system. From icon images, icon fonts, photo packs and XML demo content, you will find many items that might be of interest to you.


If you haven’t done so, please head to our “Support System” and create an user account and provide your license key, in order to gain access. Once confirmed, you will get access to many additional files, such as the icon images or other images used throughout this demo site, and much more.

Freebies Section

Click the image to go to our Freebies section and download materials.